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what makes us unıque

#1 Meet Founder & Head Coach Chris Tai

From meditation, mindfulness, martial arts, breathwork, body movement and body therapy, to life and love conscious coaching, clinical hypnosis, and neuro-linguistic programming master practitioner - Chris Tai’s vast wealth of experience and knowledge has allowed him to delve deeply into experiential training extracting the most useful, practical, and efficient tools to help identify pain, trauma, and psychological blocks.

His tremendous ability to hold space during training allows for great empathy, understanding and connection to help guide clients through transformational healing and radical performance expansion.

Chris’s expertise and knowledge of ancient and modern healing practices comes from the unique experience of training under the supervision and guidance of global masters.

“The healing journey is a transition not an identity.
I teach people to be deeply in love with oneself for who they are.” - C.T.


#2 We create a customized training
program for each client.
Because every one
of us is unique, so is our process. Nothing is
formulaic. We create a practical, customizable
framework tailored to you ensuring long-lasting
optimal results.



#3We are innovators. Our process is
based on experience, knowledge, and
practical innovation. We use psychology,
physiology, neuroscience, and the latest
scientifically proven methods
to make
progress simple, useful, and effective.


#4 Other people in the field are looking
at what’s wrong with you – we look at you
as the solution.
We teach and train you how
to grow under stress – how to be anti-fragile.
How to reframe and use your fear, pain, and
trauma to help make you stronger and
more confident.


the result

An elevated state of well being for optimal personal & professional performance!

What Our Clients Say

Radical Expansion and Chris Tai are for sure the coach you want in your life. I've worked with Chris for the last few years; breathwork, meditation and coaching. His guidance, method and heart has been tremendously helpful for my health, my relationships, and my career. I recommend him to all people young and mature! You will evolve in the most yummy ways! You may not even recognize yourself in a year.... in the best way!

Lavinia Errico
Co-Founder, Equinox Fitness Clubs & First Point Partners

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